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Another Era Begins.....
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4. Unexpected Changes and Pleasures

Life can change in an instant. 

It was one of those instances that brought the lovely but very devilish Fisker's Genug Barbarella to us in October.  

Enjoyed another long weekend in Friesland with visits to Barbarella's breeder, lovely family and great friends. Had an amazing tour of the province and I even got to meet a beautiful Friesland Horse.

Sunday I went to my 1st European FIFe show in Groningen, NL. Barbarella made us proud by getting BIV and competed with her sister, 1/2 brother, father, aunt and many other relatives all doing well

This little furball has turned everything upside down here and made the last few months pure delight. I can't imagine home without her.

Looking forward to an exciting New Year..