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10. Strange Times
9. Another Era Begins.....
8. So Proud...
7. Missing Little Paws..
6.Where did the time go?


Another Era Begins.....
We'll Never Know
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10. Strange Times

This past year has to rank as the strangest in my breeding history. 

With only Barbarella to breed last year, she simply refused to breed. 

Fearing a health issue, we ran every test imaginable and then some on both her and Jogi and I am happy to report they are as happy and healthy as can be. 

This year we hope that whatever her reasons, she will finally grace us with the litter we are anxiously waiting for.

9. Another Era Begins.....

It's funny how random things change your life...A friend checking in on Skype, a  silly mistake, and suddenly your future is forever changed.

On October 1st, after an amazing visit with some old friends and new and to my regret not enough time to see everyone, I traveled home from the Netherlands accompanied by Brooklyn of Amber Forest. A  handsome Blue Amber Classic Tabby with White male.

His addition brings another complete out cross to my cats and adds to our color palette. 

From the moment he stepped through the door he became Jogi's best buddy and blended in immediately with the other cats.

8. So Proud...

My handsome, GC Jogi vom Hexenbrocken has made me extra proud. (if that is possible)

He has been named BEST Norwegian Forest Cat in TICA's South East Region and 2nd BEST Black Silver Classic Tabby and White, Norwegian Forest Cat Internationally for the past show season.

I thank Angelica, Norwegische Waldkatzen vom Hexenbrocken for trusting me with this amazing boy.

Jogi is on hiatus from shows this year. He sired his 1st litter in February and have plans for his second litter early next year.  

7. Missing Little Paws..

It's been a month since the kittens left for their forever homes.  

Happily all three settled in well and all are happy and healthy... Better yet, everyone was so kind to send pictures.

Trixie is enjoying life with a great young couple in Miami, with a Russian Blue and a Savannah. (true diversity)

Bennie is relaxing in Fort Lauderdale with his new fantastic parents and 2 lovely Norwegian Forest Cats.

And Link, (formally known as TC) hit the jackpot with a huge family in Sebring. A divine couple, 2 amazing teenage boys and some Maine Coons.

6.Where did the time go?

On June 6th  the kittens will be completely vaccinated and ready to leave for their new homes. They have grown so fast. The house will feel so empty.

The boys have both found wonderful new families that await their arrival. Trixie (my treasure) is patiently waiting for that special someone to snap her up. 

I am very proud of this litter. They are everything I hoped for. I look forward to seeing them grow into adulthood. (hopefully I will be kept informed and get lots of pictures)

For now I wait for Barbarella to age a bit and hopefully our next litter will be later this year or early next

5.Great Happiness Sometimes Brings Sadness

On February 6th, 2015 between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm my beautiful Fisker's Genug Matilda Mother gave birth to 4 wonderful kittens. The 1st litter of my return to the fancy.  

Sadly one passed the next day. I did not see or hear anything obvious and the necropsy found nothing. It will remain a mystery.

I am happy to announce that the three remaining kittens are thriving. They are all Black Amber Classic Tabby's with White. They may also have silver . Dad Jogi Vom Hexenbroken is a Black Silver Classic Tabby and White and an amber carrier.

4. Unexpected Changes and Pleasures

Life can change in an instant. 

It was one of those instances that brought the lovely but very devilish Fisker's Genug Barbarella to us in October.  

Enjoyed another long weekend in Friesland with visits to Barbarella's breeder, lovely family and great friends. Had an amazing tour of the province and I even got to meet a beautiful Friesland Horse.

Sunday I went to my 1st European FIFe show in Groningen, NL. Barbarella made us proud by getting BIV and competed with her sister, 1/2 brother, father, aunt and many other relatives all doing well

3. Exciting News....

Last Month I took Jogi to his 1st USA TICA show ..The Skyway Cat Club in Largo Florida. Just 4 days after turning 9 months old, he became a Champion on the 1st day of the show and Grand-champion on day 2. 

Matilda went too, but inspite of all the oohs and ahhs, she decided that she rather sit back and not compete this show. She did enjoy showing off her beautiful Amber color and we had ample opportunity to explain the color gene

All and all a very exciting fun show and as always they made me proud.

2. Time Passes Quickly...

I can't believe all the wonderful things that have happened since I last wrote.

 I took a wild weekend trip to the Netherlands and over to Germany to pick up my handsome future sire, Jogi vom Hexenbrocken. He is even more amazing in person than I could have imagined. 

He traveled back with me and just melted into the family like he was supposed to be with us always. 

Then the girls and I attended their 1st show. The World Congress Cat Show In Miami, Florida sponsored by TICA and AllCats Cat Club.

1. Starting Over....

It has been an exciting experience working to my return to the cat fancy.

I made wonderful new friends, and happily connected with some old ones. 

Though I have l gained  knowledge, I am amazed at how much has changed and how much more I have yet to learn.

I now have my two beautiful young ladies. Fisker's Genug Matilda Mother and Jolene of Amber Forest,.The perfect foundation for my renewed, little cattery.

We are waiting for a very special handsome young male to welcome into our family.
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