Spree Cattery - Amber and Amber Carrier Norwegian Forest Cats

 Thanks for visiting...     

 10/18/2016 Unfortunately we have not had our litter this year.
 The good thing is the cats are healthy and happy and this is the most important thing to me.
  We will try for a litter this spring with Matilda and Brooklyn and if we are lucky Barbarella and Jogi will finally cooperate too. 
  Please check back after the 1st of the year and hopefully share with my joy.

We hope you enjoy your time here and invite you to visit often.

Spree is small home based cattery, devoted exclusively to Norwegian Forest Cats. We have one to two litters a year.

Our commitment is to insure healthy, personable, socialized, beautiful kittens to loving forever homes.  

We welcome and encourage visits to the cattery. 

Please use the "Contact Us" form for questions you wish to ask and for scheduling a visit. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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